Why Cloud?

It is not a hidden fact that companies today are starting to benefit from cloud computing in increasing numbers. The increase in cloud capabilities means that many small and midsized businesses don’t need to rent or purchase expensive hardware and can build their platform without significant investment. From running backend applications to sharing data, cloud technology is becoming an essential part of many organizations. We at Wynning Technologies our professionals can assist you with data storage, creating system backups, and ensuring the security of your system. We help you stay in control and monitor your system using reliable tools. Our experts are quick to take action if a problem arises and mitigate it without disrupting your operations.  If you need help with cloud-based servers or automation tools, we are here to help!

Cloud storage offer numerous advantages that make them a very attractive solution to the data storage challenges that companies and public institutions face today. The main advantages are:

SavingAs a general rule, they can drastically reduce storage costs by using cloud storage services rather than storing the same content locally. Cloud storage will not only saves hardware costs, software, and physical storage space, but also the ongoing costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the systems.

Scalability. Most cloud storage services are designed on a massive scale and can easily adapt to the growth or peaks of your storage needs.

Data Protection. The best and largest cloud storage services offer storage redundancy not just within data centers but across multiple data centers. In addition, the variety of physical, logical, and procedural protection elements offer a high degree of data security in cloud computing, leading some to believe that high-level cloud services are at least as secure if no more than traditional local IT infrastructures