Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS is a step forward
in ensuring business availability and reducing downtime during a unplanned outage. DRaaS
drives your business continuity effortlessly by making sure your essential business
applications are always available and ready to run on the cloud by adding easy-to-use cloud
failover to your backup solution.

  • Business Continuity Planning and Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery Testing and Reporting
  • Backup and Cloud Storage Management
  • Endpoint and Cyber Security
  • Vulnerability Management

Professional Business Continuity Consulting Services.

It is better to be prepared for something that will never happen than for something to happen that we are not prepared for. Our goal is to help your company put this theory into action. Our professionals are highly specialized in international best practices. Our differential: we know the theory, and we know how to put it into practice.

We are a company with a vocation to provide services and advice in the area of ​​process and business consulting, giving strategic support to companies and organizations that seek to improve their performance. Our methodology proposed for the development of projects is a summation of work carried out by a multidisciplinary team of trained technicians an extensive background. The services we provide cover various areas of business, including project management, implementation, and maintenance of management systems, standardization of processes prior to computerization, process audits, data protection, and business excellence.

Take a Step Forward in Securing Your Data and Maximizing Company Profits.

Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS is a step forward compared to traditional backup solutions. It is about using cutting-edge technologies for the availability of computer systems, as well as remote backup solutions in the cloud to have the entire critical, virtualized, and dormant computing environment waiting to be launched if necessary.

Disaster recovery as a service drives your business continuity in the event of a disaster. Make sure your essential business applications are always available and ready to run on the cloud by adding easy-to-use cloud failover to your backup solution.

For every business, the system’s safety, backup, and recovery are top priorities in case of a disaster. Having preventative measures in place not only helps businesses restore their data but also gives them peace of mind. At Wynning Technologies, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure all your systems, software, and data are regularly backed up and are secure from unauthorized access that can lead to loss of valuable information‚ money, and clients.

We provide professional and dependable disaster recovery services through our premier managed backup solutions, we offer you a solution focused on ensuring your data is backed up and stored in a manner that is quickly recoverable. Our team also provides disaster recovery solutions to help you handle emergencies and ensure that your operations work without any disruptions.