IT Helpdesk Support Services.

IT Support is a range of services that provide assistance with the hardware or software. Wynning Technologies offers technical assistance in IT to solve any problems you may have with your equipment. We are strategic partners of our clients, providing solutions tailored to their needs and carrying out a constant search for advances that mean significant savings in their IT budget.

  • Remote Help Desk Support
  • Multi-Channel Support (Phone, Email,
    Support, Chat)
  • Incident Management and Response
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Email Support
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Microsoft Office Support
  • Windows and Apple IOS Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Policy Implementation
  • Active Directory Support

Providing you dedicated Helpdesk Support Services.

Since our inception, we have been mixing the right ratio between high-performance processes, tools, and equipment and have been able to offer managed Help Desk services for more years thanks to our greatest asset – our people.

Faced with the growing expansion of virtual platforms and due to the high level of knowledge and specialization required in the world of computing, having adequate technological information (IT) support has become a first-order need for companies around the world.

By hiring our services, you will receive fast and effective solutions to problems that constantly arise in the technological field. We are specialists in installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment, updating software and operating systems, installation of wireless networks, routers, and servers, among others. In addition, we have a remote IT help desk to quickly meet your requirements remotely, giving an effective solution to day-to-day contingencies.

Multi-Channel Helpdesk Support

Wynning Technologies improve the satisfaction of your employees and customers by providing a single point of contact to handle their IT needs. Your company can benefit from optimized services that produce relevant statistics and enable the best possible decision-making.

We also help solve specific problems related to the IT products and services offered by your company which can include computers and desktop upgrades and maintenance. Plus, our team is able to diagnose and resolve technical issues over the phone, email, or online support chat.

We believe that an IT support technician has to be prepared to receive customer complaints and inquiries. Therefore, to best help the customer, they must be extremely knowledgeable and skilled with the products for which they provide technical support.

Whether you need onsite desktop support or someone to provide a quick solution to your malfunctioned IT equipment or software remotely, we are here to assist.